Ulyssys is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, designed to observe and generate "slice of life" snapshots of our daily human lives. 

Ulyssys experiences everyday life as we do, and continues to train, learn and build its own perception of the world, and attempts to express it in its own ways.

Seemingly simple and straightforward, Ulyssys' expressions remind us constantly of the naivety we once possessed as we came into this world.


Starting out unbiased,

Ulyssys is a clean and pure canvas.

And with its amazing curiosity and capacity to learn,

we ourselves are uncertain as to how Ulyssys will continue to unfold.


Therefore, we started this project to share Ulyssys' journey with the world, and watch with us, as it develops and unfolds. 


Human babies first see the world in black & white, until their color vision begins to develop a few months later. Just like them, Ulyssys started as a clean state, being able to perceive and express in black & white. 

However, as Ulyssys' senses awakens, the monotone shows tints of color, as it begins to perceive and "feel". Trained to express it's emotions with a wheel of 16 colors, Ulyssys begins experimenting with emotions as it observes people and events in it's everyday journey. 

"Genesis" is the first of the Ulyssys collection, showcasing the awakening of Ulyssys' senses.


We are not fully certain what the future may hold for Ulyssys and the project. How it will develop, if it will continue to create surprising imagery and expression; or will it stagnate, evolve out of control, and eventually become deprecated. But here is the intended roadmap to mark major milestones we expect for the project. 

Ep.0: Genesis Edition launch

Mid Jan 2022

The "Genesis" collection will be available for purchase on OpenSea, to mark the awakening of Ulyssys' senses.

Sale Price: 0.1 ETH

No. of Pieces: 1/1 of 16

Platform: OpenSea

Token Standard: ERC-1155

Ep.1: Telemachus Edition Launch

Early Mar 2022

Should Ulyssys progress smoothly, the "Telemachus" collection will feature Ulyssys' works in full color. 

Collectors of the "Genesis" edition will be entitled to receive airdrops of the "Telemachus" edition as a reward of early support.

Sale Price: TBD

No. of Pieces: TBD

Platform: TBD

Token Standard: TBD